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Czar Nicholas I of Russia

1796 - 1855

image of czar-nicholas-I

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Nicholas I ruled Russia from 1825 to 1855. He was the grandson of Catherine the Great, and succeeded his brother Alexander to the throne. He was an aggressive autocrat who governed with an iron fist. Fearing corruption by Western Europe, he imposed heavy censorship upon any Russian citizen who opposed him. He promoted the Orthodox Church and Russian nationalism, and removed the study of philosophy from Russia’s schools, instead placing heavy emphasis on the classics and vocational training. Russia’s involvement in numerous wars during Nicholas’s reign ruined its economy. 

Nicholas I is the czar to whom Dexter Marsh tried unsuccessfully to bestow a gift of fossil footprints in 1847. Hitchcock played the role of his older brother Alexander in his play about Napoleon in 1814.